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Professional Massage at reasonable prices
303 S Main St
Sheridan Wy 82801
Lisa B. Day, CMT, Owner

What is massage?

Massage is a healing art. It is the systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissue of the body. It is one of the oldest and most therapeutic techniques known to mankind. The Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Indians have been practicing massage since 2000 B.C.

The purpose of massage is to bring about physiological, mechanical, and psychological changes. Relaxation, relief from pain, reduction of certain types of edema and increased range of motion can be accomplished through massage.

In addition to the treatment of injured or ill people, massage is used to prepare healthy muscles for strenuous sports activity, or to assist the body in recovering from the after effects of such activity.

Massage is often used in conjunction with the following health related programs:

  • Physical and rehabilitive therapies
  • Exercise physiology
  • Physical fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology and holistic health to foster cure and for general health maintenance

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